Product Series Description

Our DTS and DTL Series Thermal Expansion Tanks are designed according to the ASME CODE Section VIII – Div. 1 using the latest technology in terms of manufacturing processes and quality control. Available in standard 150 psi maximum working pressure. Intended for use in commercial and industrial domestic potable hot water applications, these tanks accept the expanded volume of hot water keeping the system pressure below the relief valve setting, thus preventing dangerous pressure build-up. All models are fitted with a replaceable bladder.

Features & Benefits

Max working pressure150 psi
Max Temperature240° F (115° C)
DTS Factory precharge pressure38 psi
DTL Factory precharge pressure38 psi
Design: Models up to 12.0 galsTwo shell design
Design: Models from 21.0 galsTwo heads and body design
DTL 170 TO 500
  • Air valve is inside a protective nipple and covered by 1” 1/4 galvanized plug.
  • Bottom bladder flange mount, top with nipple.
  • Removable heavy butyl rubber.
DTL 600 TO 5000
  • Connection with system gauge and system purging available; the top connection is secured by 1” 1/4 galvanized threaded plug.
  • Double lifting lug.
  • Available with either top or bottom fill.
  • Top-Pro coated top domed strainers.
  • Stainless steel bottom domed strainers.
BladderRemovable heavy duty Butyl bladder suitable for use with potable water isolates water from tank eliminating tank corrosion and rust in the water.
Water ConnectionEpoxy coated standard - Option for Stainless Steel
Air ValveAir valve inside a protective nipple and secured by a galvanized threaded plug.
FinishAutomotive grey
Acceptance Volume90% of stated tank capacity (*)
Bottom outlet designAllows 100% drainage and reduces water stagnation
Pressure Guage InstalledPressure Indicator
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