New members to our family

Elbi of America, Inc. is happy to announce the acquisition of Arrow Industries
& Duratrac Duratrac.
With this transaction, Elbi will increase our market reach and expand our participation in the residential sector.
The combination is the next step in allowing Elbi to participate deeper into the residential plumbing market.

Founded in 1931, Arrow Industries is a master distributor
of more than 5,000 items serving the plumbing, water treatment, appliance install, and hydronics markets.
With eight decades of pioneering service to these industries. Arrow is a complete solutions provider of
industry relevant products, timely delivery, and flexible packaging options–all attractively priced.
Arrow has more than 200 years of cumulative industry expertise in the support team professionals.

Duratrac, Inc. provides a host of professionally engineered connectors designed to perform optimally with
residential and commercial gas and water heater applications.

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